Diskothek: A space for reflecting on our present times, a space for experimenting with new texts and ideas. Schauspiel Leipzig’s venue for contemporary drama.

Raphaela Bardutzky’s “Fischer Fritz” will open the season at Diskothek. The author calls her work “spoken theatre” in a subheading: With decidedly theatrical devices, with the power of the words and the power of the playful, Raphaela Bardutzky’s text creates a world of its own whose issues, however, are very close to our own.

Similarly, there may be several things in “zwei herren von real madrid” that seem familiar – but then, Leo Meier’s play takes turn after unexpected turn into the absurd. A truly fantastical piece of theatre that reveals hitherto unknown connections between professional football and dragons.

Following “Brennende Erde”, Regine Dura and Hans-Werner Kroesinger continue their work in Leipzig with a new project of documentary theatre that addresses the GDR’s history of forced education in special institutions called ‘Jugendwerkhöfe’: “Letzte Station Torgau”.

After his impressive “Leides des jungen Lazzlack”, Marco Damghani also returns to Diskothek. Once again, he will develop and direct a text that explores how the relationship between two lovers can be tested by shadows of the past. This is what the young couple “Anouk & Adofa” have to face.

Teresa Schergaut and Patrick Isermeyer, both members of Schauspiel Leipzig’s acting company, claim the whole range of creative freedom to look at “Antonius und Kleopatra” together with director-in-residence Claudia Bauer. What does Shakespeare’s text have to say to us today?
Companie Sincara are one of the most formative companies in Leipzig’s independent scene and have been awarded the 2020 Leipzig Movement Art Prize. They are the first company to receive the City of Leipzig’s “Dreiklang”-funding and they will also use it to explore: Shakespeare. They will develop a production of “Hamlet” – with their own specific artistic approach, using the devices of performing with theatrical masks.

These new projects complement a repertory that can be seen as a broad cross-section view of positions and perspectives of contemporary drama: texts by Katja Brunner, Dorian Brunz, E.L. Karhu, Kristin Höller, Sarah Kilter and Florian Zeller, directed by Thirza Bruncken, Elsa-Sophie Jach, Tilo Krügel, Karin Plötner and Philipp Preuss.