by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Director: Nuran David Calis
Große Bühne
by Yasmina Reza
Director: Enrico Lübbe
Große Bühne
By Bertolt Brecht
Music by Paul Dessau
Adaptation by Philipp Pleßmann
Re-adaptation of a production of Schauspiel Köln
Director: Moritz Sostmann
Große Bühne
Marco Damghani
by Magdalena Schrefel
Director: Pia Richter
Commissioned work by Schauspiel Leipzig

Eriopis (World Premiere)

Medeas survivor daughter tells all
By E. L. Karhu
German translation by Stefan Moster
Director: Anna-Sophie Mahler
by Martina Clavadetscher
Director: Katrin Plötner

Kitsch und Krempel

Under the Moon of Love
Zoo Leipzig


David Bowie & Enda Walsh
Based on the novel „The Man Who Fell To Earth” by Walter Tevis
Director: Hubert Wild
Große Bühne
By Euripides
Director: Markus Bothe
Große Bühne
By Mary Chase
German translation by Alfred Polgar
Director: Enrico Lübbe
Große Bühne
Based on the novel by Michail Bulgakov
From the Russian by Alexander Nitzberg
Arranged for the stage by Claudia Bauer and Ensemble

Director: Claudia Bauer
Große Bühne
by Lajos Talamonti / Interrobang
by Nikolai Gogol
edited for stage by Werner Buhss
Director: Kristina Seebruch

The Shape of Trouble to Come (UA)

A post-human ritual
FARN. collective
Große Bühne
by Wolfram Höll
Director: Claudia Bauer
By Florian Zeller
German translation by Annette and Paul Bäcker
Director: Tilo Krügel
By Becky Mode
German translation by Steffen Kopetzky
Director: Kristina Seebruch
Commissioned by Schauspiel Leipzig

Widerstand (UA)

by Lukas Rietzschel
Director: Enrico Lübbe
by Wilhelm Müller & Franz Schubert / Elfriede Jelinek
Director: Enrico Lübbe
Große Bühne