Our Motto

“Together / Ensemble” is the motto that we have chosen for the season ahead.
The established current opinion seems to be that society is drifting apart, fragmenting into smaller and smaller stakeholder groups and filter bubbles. All the more reason for the theatre (and not least the municipal city theatres) to become one of the special venues for society to meet and take notice of each other, even in all its diversity. And so, one of the theatre’s eminent mandates is to look at what we have in common, what connects us. To become aware of the fact that regardless of all differences in views and opinions, a society without a minimum of commonality is headed for difficult times.

Theatre is based on the foundations and the concept of the company, the ensemble, and of ensemble theatre. For us as theatre people, this has become a commonplace term. But if we translate “ensemble” to mean “togetherness”, the term also addresses what is special about it: Creating something with one another and together.

From the start of our theatre work here in Leipzig, we have considered this common spirit to operate beyond our theatre – in the sense of creating a wide-ranging network with the city. This includes cooperation projects with all the institutions we have worked with – from Gewandhaus to Leipzig Zoo, from Museum der bildenden Künste to Leipzig University, from the city’s independent scene to Leipzig Ballet.

But it also includes the many citizens of Leipzig who have joined our artistic journey in concrete projects, by taking part in our theatre clubs or project choirs, for example. These people with their widely different backgrounds and everyday experiences have become mainstays of our theatre.