After two years of Corona break finally back: NO LIGHTS NO LYCRA at Residenz.

For exactly 60 minutes, the lights will be switched off and the empty hall will be opened for a dance event, where everyone can dance off the stress of everyday life unconcerned and unobserved. No dress code, no show dancing, no alcohol - but best dancing mood!

Between workshop and workout, NO LIGHTS NO LYCRA is above all a collective dance experience that light-footedly undermines social barriers and norms. The movement was founded in Melbourne in 2009 and has since spread rapidly around the world.
The right groove will be provided by Leipzig DJ and media artist Charlotte Eifler aka SHARELOT, who already presented her work in the program of "Breaking the Spell - feminist performances and practices of being-with" at the Residenz.

Sound Cloud von Charlotte Eifler
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