Since 1965, students of the Institute for Drama of the University of Music and Theatre Leipzig (Hochschule für Musik und Theater, or HMT) have been provided with a very special form of education in partnership with Schauspiel Leipzig: After a basic training of two years, the acting students spend their final two years in practical training at the so-called Studio Leipzig. They take part in repertoire productions, are taught by their experienced fellow company members, develop their own small-scale programmes and have an opportunity to showcase themselves in their own production, the “Studioinszenierung”. Actor Anna Keil and dramaturg Matthias Döpke are the current heads of Studio Leipzig, a part of the Institute of Drama, which has once again been named “Hans Otto” since 2009. 

The eight students of the new Studio have a wide range of opportunities to appear on various stages, always under the title “Studio”. They present their studied scenes and monologues, studio shows or small-scale staged works and musical projects.

A highlight of their first year of training at Studio Leipzig will be the premiere of the Studio-production at Diskothek in the spring of 2019. Guided by renowned actors who also direct, or by experienced directors, the students develop this production, which has a chance of being presented at the nationwide conference of German-language drama-schools. In past years, directors included Bruno Cathomas (“Eigentlich schön” by Volker Schmidt) and Anita Vulesica (“Birdland” by Simon Stephens). This year, the Studio-production will be directed by Miguel Abrantes Ostrowski, himself a former acting student at HMT Leipzig.

The members of Studio Leipzig are:

Tobias Amoriello
Ron Helbig
Julian Kluge
Philipp Staschull
Friedrich Steinlein
Paul Trempnau
Nicole Widera
Nina Wolf