General Terms and Conditions of Schauspiel Leipzig

1. Scope of Validity

These terms and conditions regulate legal relations between theatre visitors and Schauspiel Leipzig. They are part of the contract that is concluded by the purchase of theatre tickets. Solely these general terms and conditions are valid for all events hosted by Schauspiel Leipzig at their current and future venues. These terms and conditions are also valid for visitors’ organisations, advance ticket sales outlets and third-party suppliers, unless agreed otherwise.

2 Ticket Sales and Bookings

(1) Box Office Opening Times
During the running season, Schauspiel Leipzig’s box office is open for the purpose of ticket sales at the opening times stated in Schauspiel Leipzig’s official publications. The evening box office is usually open from one hour before the beginning of the performance. The evening box offices located at the outside venues open 30 minutes before the beginning of the performance. On days with no performance, the evening box office remains closed.

(2) General rules on ticket sales
Clients are responsible for checking their tickets and change given immediately after purchase. Later claims cannot be recognised.
Visitors are not permitted to offer tickets for sale on or in front of Schauspiel Leipzig’s premises.

Public and commercial sales of tickets are prohibited. This does not apply for buyers whose business establishment or charter includes the resale or transfer of tickets to their members or other groups of persons. In individual cases, Schauspiel Leipzig reserves the right to limit the allocation of tickets to a predetermined number of tickets per buyer and to determine said number of tickets. Sold tickets can only be returned to Schauspiel Leipzig within the regulations stipulated under 4.3, in all other circumstances, purchased tickets are not returnable and cannot be exchanged. 

If tickets were paid for without the use of cash, and negative booking operations generate costs that are due to a fault of the buyers, they will be borne by these buyers.

Expired tickets are exempt from compensation. Should visitors have lost their ticket, they can be issued with a replacement ticket if they can plausibly declare which ticket they had purchased. The holder of an original ticket has precedence over the holder of a replacement ticket.

A limited number of wheelchair-accessible seats are provided, depending on the production. Admission for accompanying persons of severely disabled persons (classified as “B” in the official pass for severely disabled persons) is free.  

Additional directions printed on the ticket that are due to circumstances arising from the production are considered mandatory. Animals may not be brought into the venues.

(3) Advance ticket sales periods
Open advance ticket sales begin at the times indicated in Schauspiel Leipzig’s official publications.

(4) Ticket orders by phone
Ticket orders by phone are accepted from the start of the advance ticket sales period and are considered as provisional bookings. They only become binding after payment. On confirmation of the provisional booking, Schauspiel Leipzig gives notice of a deadline for the payment claim. Should this deadline not be complied with, Schauspiel Leipzig reserves the right to otherwise dispose of the tickets. Paid-for tickets can be sent to the buyer by post or held at the evening box office. Expenses and risks of sending are borne by the buyer.

(5) Written ticket orders
A written ticket order (via letter, fax or e-mail) is considered as a booking request. The confirmation of compliable ticket requests is considered as a binding confirmation of the provision of the tickets in question. The confirmation includes binding notice of a deadline for the payment claim. Should this deadline not be complied with, Schauspiel Leipzig reserves the right to otherwise dispose of the tickets. Paid-for tickets can be sent to the buyer by post or held at the evening box office. Expenses and risks of sending are borne by the buyer.

(6) Online ticket sales
Tickets may be purchased online by holders of EC-cards and credit cards (Visa, Euro-/Mastercard). During the ordering process for online ticket sales, all data entered by the client is automatically encrypted during transfer. Paid-for tickets will be held by the box office until the beginning of the performance or sent by post. Expenses and risks of sending are borne by the buyer. 
Using ticketdirect, tickets may be printed out by the buyer after purchase or presented at the theatre on a smart phone. Only print-outs on white A4-paper are considered legible and valid. The ticketdirect-ticket will be identified and validated by a barcode-reader on entering the theatre. The barcode can only be used once. Reproduction in printed or digital form is not permitted.
Holders of a ticketdirect-ticket whose barcode has already been validated may be barred from access to the performance in question by Schauspiel Leipzig.
(7) Vouchers
Schauspiel Leipzig sells vouchers that can be used as payment for tickets to Schauspiel Leipzig. They are valid for three years, until the end of the respective year or purchase. (Partial) cash-out of vouchers is not possible. Residual value will be refunded in form of a new voucher covering the existing residual value.
Vouchers may also be purchased online or in the form of ticketdirect-vouchers.

3. Right of Cancellation

If you are a consumer (i.e. a natural person who has placed the order for a purpose that can be allocated neither to their commercial nor their self-employed profession), you are entitled to a right of cancellation in accordance with the legal regulations.
This right of cancellation exists concerning sales contracts of goods that were made according to the Federal German law governing remote sales (via phone or Internet, Fernabsatzgesetz). This right does not apply in to contracts whose subject is a service in the field of recreation and where a fixed date has been determined for the provision of said service (e.g. theatre tickets).
You can find the regulation’s exact wording (in German) online:

4. Data Protection

Ticket buyers’ personal data will be collected, processed, stored and used in accordance with the German Data Protection Act. In as far as the use of this personal data for purposes of information and customer services has been consented to, it may be used for address via letter or e-mail. This consent may be withdrawn from Schauspiel Leipzig at any time without stating reasons. Further, the persons involved may demand correction or deletion of the data at any time. Schauspiel Leipzig will not pass this data on to third parties.  

5. Ticket Prices and Reduced Prices

(1) Ticket prices resolved by the municipal council of the city of Leipzig and indicated both in the publications and posted at the box office of Schauspiel Leipzig apply. These prices only apply on purchase of tickets at Schauspiel Leipzig’s box office on Bosestraße and all evening box offices. Purchases made at external advance ticket sale outlets or via the Internet can entail higher ticket prices due to charges of an advanced ticket sales fee and possible shipping or processing fees.

(2) Members of visitors’ organisations or third party suppliers will receive their tickets via their distribution channels. All enquiries regarding this should be made to them directly.

(3) Buyers of reduced-price tickets are obliged to present the credentials for their reduction claims without special request, both when purchasing the tickets and on entering the performance. Retroactive reduction of the ticket price is ruled out. The extent of the reduction and the circle of those entitled to reductions are evident from the official publications and the notices posted at the box office of Schauspiel Leipzig. Should a check of visitors show that the reduced price was wrongfully paid, Schauspiel Leipzig has the right to charge the difference between the reduced and full prices.

6. Programme and Starting Times, Changes of Programme

(1) The valid programme including starting times is published through the theatre’s notices and publications.

(2) The casting information in the programme is subject to change. Changes of cast are possible and do not result in a right to return previously purchased tickets.

(3) In case of changes of programme or cancellation of performances, only tickets that have been purchased at the box office of Schauspiel Leipzig may be returned at the same location within a period of 30 days from the date of the changed performance. If tickets are returned by post and give the buyer’s bank information, it is possible for the value of the tickets to be transferred to this account. No postage or other expenses will be reimbursed. Should a performance be discontinued before the interval or after a duration of less than an hour, the entire ticket price will be reimbursed. Compensation for other expenses (ancillary costs, hotel or travel expenses etc.) will not be reimbursed. If the tickets were purchased at an external advance ticket sales outlet or via the Internet, all claims for reimbursement must be made there.

7. Admission

Admission to the venues is only possible with a personal ticket (this also applies to children). Visitors are bound to the seat designated on the tickets. Relocating to free seats is not permitted.

Should visitors arrive after the performance has begun, they have no claim to access to the auditorium and the seat designated on the ticket. The instructions of the front-of-house staff must be followed. If there is late admission, the front-of-house staff will assign seats to late visitors. The claim to the reserved seat is cancelled.

8. Cloakroom and Lost-and-Found

(1) Bringing coats, bags and other items into the auditorium is only permitted as long as other visitors are not disturbed. Coats, thick jackets and bulky items as e.g. umbrellas, backpacks, canes (with the exception of walking aids), bags (larger than hand-bags) as well as food and drinks may not be brought into the auditorium. The instructions of the front-of-house staff must be followed.

(2) Coats and other items may be handed over to the cloakroom staff for the duration of the perfomance against receipt of a cloakroom token. The items will be returned to the visitor in exchange for the cloakroom token, with no further check of legitimation. Accidentally exchanged or damaged coats or items must be reported to the cloakroom staff immediately. Custody of animals is ruled out. 

(3) Coats and other items may only be handed over without the return of a token if it can be plausibly claimed that the visitor is indeed the rightful owner. Schauspiel Leipzig is not obliged to investigate the true legitimation of the recipient when a coat or item that was left in custody is returned against the handing over of a cloakroom token. When visitors lose their token, they will not be handed out the coat or item before all other items have been collected. Visitors who have lost their token are obliged to compensate the theatre for its replacement costs.

(4) Found items of any kind are to be handed over to the front-of-house staff. Found items will be treated according to the German regulations of §§ 978 ff. BGB. Loss of items is also to be reported to the front-of-house staff.

9. Domiciliary Rights, Video and Audio Recordings

(1) The Artistic Director and his Administrative Director exercise domiciliary rights on the premises of Schauspiel Leipzig. Front-of-house staff, box office staff and other authorised persons, in particular the on-duty member of the theatre’s direction, are also authorised to exercise these rights.

(2) Visitors may be denied access when there is justified cause to assume that they will significantly disturb the performance or inconvenience other visitors, also if they have significantly and repeatedly trespassed against these General Terms and Conditions. Persons who interrupt the orderly sale of tickets or inconvenience other visitors can be warned off the premises. Visitors may be removed from an ongoing performance when they are disruptive, inconvenience other persons or trespass against these General Terms and Conditions.

(3) When visitors take a seat for which they cannot produce a valid ticket, Schauspiel Leipzig is entitled to charge the difference between their original seat and the seat they have taken. Visitors who refuse to return to the seat that they have purchased at ticket for or to pay the difference between the ticket prices, may be removed from the performance. The instruction of Schauspiel Leipzig’s staff must be followed.

(4) Smoking is not permitted in the entire theatre building, including the box office foyer. It is not permitted to bring food or drinks into the auditorium.

(5) Technical devices that are likely to disturb the performance (e.g. mobile phones, electronic watches) must be switched off.

(6) Visitors are categorically prohibited from producing any kind of video and/or sound recording on Schauspiel Leipzig’s premises. Violations of this rule may be prosecuted under civil as well as criminal law.

(7) Should video or sound recordings of a public theatre performance, (such as radio or television recordings) be produced by authorised persons, theatre visitors’ purchase of their ticket is taken as agreement that they may be recorded in sound and/or image and that such recordings may be broadcast or published (including commercial purposes) with no claims for individual remuneration. 

10. German law applies. The place of fulfillment and jurisdiction for all claims arising from business relations between Schauspiel Leipzig and visitors is Leipzig. Should individual regulations defined in these General Terms and Conditions be or become void, this does not affect the validity of the remaining regulations. The void regulations will in this case be replaced by existing regulations that are customary in the industry; should such permissible regulations not exist, the appropriate legal regulation will apply.

11. Commencement

These General Terms and Conditions will come into effect starting 28 February 2018.

Enrico Lübbe
Artistic Director