We offer regular introductions to many of the performances on the Main Stage (Große Bühne) and Hinterbühne (except for premieres). They take place at Rangfoyer, starting 30 minutes before the beginning of the performance and lasting for around ten minutes. They provide background and information on the plays, authors and creative approaches and are held by the productions’ dramaturgs or other members of the artistic team. Productions that are complemented by introductions are marked in the monthly programme brochure and on our website. Wheelchair users who would like to attend the introductions are asked to indicate this when they purchase their tickets. Our front-of-house staff will be happy to assist you.

Post-show talks
Our regular post-show talks are an opportunity for you to have a conversation with the actors and dramaturgs. The dates for these talks will be announced in our monthly programme brochure and on our website.

Open rehearsals
Our open rehearsals are now a constant feature and becoming more and more popular. We will continue this practise of opening the rehearsals of a production to the public for about an hour at a time. The programme will be different for each show – the creative team might explain its approach to the production, there may be conversations or a look at the progress of the staging. Admission is free. Please take note that the seating capacity at the venues Diskothek, Hinterbühne and Residenz is limited.

The Author at the bar
Meet the authors of the Diskothek-plays! At the Diskothek-bar, they’ll talk about their writing – in a relaxed atmosphere, with a drink in hand. Either as part of an open rehearsal at Diskothek or after a performance. You will find the dates in our monthly programme brochure or on our website.

Nocturnal tours
Our guided theatre tour after the performance is over: What happens when everything is taken down? Which departments are involved? A very special look behind the scenes … Dates to be found in the monthly programme brochure and on our website.

Freundeskreis (Friends of Schauspiel Leipzig)
Freundeskreis Schauspiel Leipzig e.V. has been supporting Schauspiel Leipzig for more than ten years – publically and in the background, materially and non-materially. Its many activities and events, ranging from readings via evening talks to the awarding of the Leipziger Theaterpreis, all help to provide Schauspiel Leipzig with backing among the citizens of Leipzig and in the public sphere. In times when cultural education and non-economic factors are easily dismissed as negligible, idealistic and active friends and supporters of culture are more essential than ever! You can find us, for example, at the Freundeskreis-booth in the Foyer on opening nights, during post-show talks or on www.freundeskreis-schauspiel-leipzig.de. Contact: freund.kreis@schauspiel-leipzig.de. You are very welcome to join us!