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Tue, 28.06. 18:30 — 20:30
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Ein (Teil-)Abriss von DARUM
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Tue, 28.06. 19:30
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„Pay attention!“

Ein (Teil-)Abriss von DARUM
Julian Hetzel (Utrecht) / Artists in Residence

Leipzig-Premiere on 7. July, 19:00, Residenz
Dates: 8.7., 9.7., 19:00, Residenz

Welcome to Mount Average. In his new performance installation, theater maker Julian Hetzel takes us on a factory visit that confronts the spectator with their own ideologies. In this industrial environment, the clash between the static past and a fluid present creates a productive friction that stirs up dust.

Julian Hetzels performances are his attempts at unraveling the world, while trying to provide strategies that can transform it. In his works he proposes speculative methods that offer possibilities to deal with the trauma (of the past) as well as with the challenges of the present. This time, hands on.

In English language.
A Musical Theatre Project by Anna-Sophie Mahler

Undine comes from the element of water and has the ability to assume a variety of different shapes. Firmly believing that love for a human will unite her with him and his world, she transforms into a woman and steps ashore. But she soon realises: The agony and hardship are too harrowing and the price of being human is too high. She sees the cruel and imperious ways in which humans can deal with each other and with nature.

13.07., 19:30, Große Bühne
with english surtitles

Some productions of Schauspiel Leipzig are made accessible to an international audience by means of English surtitles. Performance dates featuring surtitles are marked in the monthly programme brochure.