Apparition of an Afterlife

The installation “Apparition of an Afterlife“ revisits the 'Pepper's Ghost', a 19th century optical illusion used to make ghosts appear on stage. Two heads, inspired by ventriloquist dolls, wake up slowly in an unstable and dreamlike environment to discover that they have a voice. Like a sort of mechanical cinema, the installation meditates the dynamic between skepticism and faith, illusion and reality, or the familiar and the strange. 

With the installation in the frame of the Spinnerei Galleries tour Residenz-artist Diederik Peeters provides insight into his new project “Apparitions/Erscheinungen“ (premiere on 14th June, 2019).

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Installation: Diederik Peeters
Lightmagic: Henri-Emmanuel Doublier
Robotics: Jérôme Dupraz
Sculpture: Christoph Hefti
Production management: Marion Le Guerroué
Production: Spin & L’amicale

With the support of the Flemish Government.