Concerts avec plusieurs Instruments I

Bachfest 2021
J. S. Bach, A. Vivaldi, G. F. Händel
The Vivaldi fever that spread through Europe in the early eighteenth century also infected the young Johann Sebastian Bach. Thanks to the well-endowed Weimar court library, he was able to study the latest pieces published by the star violinist from Venice. Consequently, Vivaldi’s concerto style can be found in numerous instrumental works by Bach, and especially so in the Brandenburg Concertos. Fabio Biondi and his ensemble, Europa Galante, are coming to the Bachfest with a wealth of experience of Vivaldi and will perform this piece of Italo-German »teamwork« with charm, virtuosity and irrepressible joy in music-making.
J. S. Bach: Konzert a-Moll, BWV 1041
A. Vivaldi: La Primavera, op. 8 Nr. 1, RV 269 // L’ Estate, op. 8 Nr. 2, RV 315 //
L’ Autunno, op. 8 Nr. 3, RV 293 // L’ Inverno, op. 8 Nr. 4, RV 297 // Ah, fuggi rapido // Amato ben //
G. F. Händel: Ogni vento and other opera arias
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