Christoph Müller
    as Sir Simon von Canterville, the ghost
    Bruno Akkan
    as Washington Otis / Eleanor's brother
    Sasha Hayes
    as ldaho Otis / Eleanor's brother
    Fritz Manhenke
    as Cecil, der junge Herzog von Cheshire
    Louise Sophie Arnold
    as Geister der Unterwelt / Cerberus
    Luca-Noél Bock
    as Geister der Unterwelt / Cerberus
    Aicha-Maria Bracht
    as Geister der Unterwelt / Cerberus
    Joshua Dahmen
    as Geister der Unterwelt / Cerberus
    Emmeline Puntsch
    as Geister der Unterwelt

    Das Gespenst von Canterville (The Canterville Ghost)

    Based on the fairy-tale story by Oscar Wilde
    Adapted for the stage by Markus Bothe
    It’s not always easy being a child, especially when you have to move. At least that is what Virginia and her brothers Idaho and Washington think. After their mother’s death, they have moved to a Scottish county with their father, to inhabit an old castle and start a new life. The fact that an old spectre known by the name of Sir Simon was included in the purchase is poor comfort. Everything is unfamiliar and sad. Even the weather is miserable with its typical British rain; many of the castle’s nooks are spooky, and breakfast consists of tea, greasy sausages and porridge instead of cornflakes. Why did we have to move? Life really is hard sometimes!

    On the stroke of midnight of their first night there, the castle’s ghost Sir Simon makes an appearance. For more than 400 years, he has been haunting the castle, grieving for his beloved wife, Lady Eleanor, who lost her life one gruesome night under never entirely explained circumstances. That is why Sir Simon has not been able to sleep for 400 years; nobody dares to approach him and he scares people half to death. Often imprisoned in his own chains and loneliness, he is delighted about the new residents. He has even oiled his chains and touched up the bloodstain in the lobby for their arrival. But whatever spookiness Sir Simon presents, he is unable to rattle this family. On the contrary: They complain about the nocturnal disturbance and set horrible traps. In fact, these modern-age people consider Sir Simon to be nothing but a superstition. After all, they live in the Here and Now. Who cares about century-old ghost stories and the dead of long ago? Sheer ignorance, the worst kind of spectre-mobbing and ghosting, thinks Sir Simon. It’s not always easy being a ghost!

    And then Virginia becomes interested in the story of old Sir Simon and she feels sorry for him. After her mother’s death, she knows what it feels like to be lonely and sad. Virginia and Sir Simon become friends and slowly begin to uncover a dark secret from the past. Is it possible to contact the deceased or to even change history after the fact?

    Oscar Wilde’s fairy-tale story “Das Gespenst von Canterville (The Canterville Ghost)” about a ghost manqué and the fearless modern age has been a favourite since 1887. Markus Bothe is a specialist for adapting major literary works for children’s and young people’s theatre. He received the 2010 German Theatre Prize DER FAUST in the category of “Director Children’s and Young People’s Theatre”. His production of “Medea” has been part of Schauspiel Leipzig’s repertoire since 2020.
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    Premiere on 26.11.2023
    Große Bühne


    ca. 1:30


    Christoph Müller as Sir Simon von Canterville, the ghost
    Paula Winteler as Virginia Otis
    Denis Petković as Mr. Hiram B. Otis, her father
    Bruno Akkan as Washington Otis / Eleanor's brother
    Sasha Hayes as ldaho Otis / Eleanor's brother
    Tilo Krügel as Ms Umney, Haushälterin des Schloss Canterville
    Fritz Manhenke as Cecil, der junge Herzog von Cheshire
    Sonja Isemer as Lady Eleanor von Canterville
    Annett Sawallisch as Mrs. Lucretia Otis
    Louise Sophie Arnold, Luca-Noél Bock, Aicha-Maria Bracht, Joshua Dahmen, Emmeline Puntsch as Geister der Unterwelt
    Louise Sophie Arnold, Aicha-Maria Bracht, Luca-Noél Bock, Joshua Dahmen as Cerberus

    Live music

    Fabian Hentschel, Richard Holzapfel, Frank Kaiser


    Director: Markus Bothe
    Musical direction: Biber Gullatz
    Stage: Alexandre Corazzola
    Costume design: Sabine Blickenstorfer
    Dramaturgy: Benjamin Große
    Light design: Jörn Langkabel
    Video: Kai Schadeberg
    Sound: Anko Ahlert, Matteo Apitz, Udo Schulze, Heribert Weitz
    Stage Manager: Jens Glanze
    Prompter: Ditte Trischan
    Assistant to the Director: Johannes Ernst Richard Preißler
    Stage design assistance: Arabella Marsh-Hilfiker
    Costume assistance: Carolin Schmelz
    Makeup: Kerstin Wirrmann, Kathrin Heine, Donka Holeček, Cordula Kreuter, Julia Markow, Barbara Zepnick
    Props: Friederike Koenitz
    Stage master: Julius Besen
    Directing and dramaturgy internship: Fy Notahiana Harinofy Ramaroson
    Stage design internship: Frida Marieke
    Costume design internship: Laura Jesiorski
    Audio Description: Florian Eib, Maila Giesder-Pempelforth, Beatrix Hermens, Pernille Sonne
    Theater pedagogical supervision: Amelie Gohla, Nele Hoffmann