Amal Keller

Fischer Fritz (UA)

by Raphaela Bardutzky
This season, Schauspiel Leipzig will be the partner theatre of Autorentheatertage at Deutsches Theater Berlin for the third time. This annual drama competition pursues a similar strategy as the programme of Diskothek: The best and most sustainable promotion of dramatists is to produce their plays.

Once again, an independent expert jury will select three plays for the 2022 Autorentheatertage from among all submitted texts. These three will then be premiered during a Long Night of theatre. Apart from Deutsches Theater Berlin and Schauspielhaus Graz, one of the three world premiere productions will be produced by Schauspiel Leipzig and a creative team to be determined following the jury’s decision and the announcement of the winning plays. The world premiere in Berlin in June 2022 will be followed by the production’s Leipzig-premiere during the 2022 / 23 season.
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Premiere: 18.06.2022
Autor:innentheatertage at Deutschen Theater Berlin 2022

Dates Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1, 04109 Leipzig
Sat, 18.06.
Premiere, Schauspiel on the road, Autorentheatertage 2022
Autor:innentheatertage Berlin


Mira Fajfer, Amal Keller, Julia Preuß


Director: Enrico Lübbe
Stage design: Hugo Gretler
Costume design: Sabine Blickenstorfer
Philipp Rumsch
Dramaturgy: Torsten Buß, Matthias Döpke
Light: Thomas Kalz
Theatre pedagogy: Babette Büchele