Knöpfe (UA)

based on the radio play by Ilse Aichinger
Premiere on 24.04.2024
Foyer 1

Dates Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1, 04109 Leipzig
Tue, 21.05. 19:30 — 20:30
Foyer 1
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Thu, 06.06. 19:30 — 20:30
Foyer 1


ca. 1:00


Dirk Lange as Bill/John
Samuel Sandriesser as Seller (voice)


Director: Emily Huber
Stage design: Stella Vollmer
Costume design: Carolin Schmelz
Dramaturgy: Georg Mellert
Light: Mattheo Fehse
Video: Kai Schadeberg
Sound: Anko Ahlert
Soufflage: Christiane Wittig
Makeup: Anja Engert
Props: André Sproete
Stage master: Patrick Ernst