Shown and Told

Meg Stuart & Tim Etchells (Brüssel/London)
In their simultaneously dynamic and fragile performance collage "Shown and Told," choreographer and dancer Meg Stuart and writer and performance artist Tim Etchells carefully balance pre-determined material and free play. Emerging from studio improvisations, the piece is the result of an exchange between the performance stars, whose works both explore the relationship between movement, image and performing bodies, but - as it becomes clear in their interplay - with very different practices and sensibilities. Working with vivid and surprising images, some of them physical, others linguistic, they develop a conversation that is sometimes tough, sometimes touching or funny.

Meg Stuart is an American choreographer and dancer who lives and works in Brussels and Berlin. Her company, Damaged Goods, has been based in Brussels since 1994. English playwright and performer, director, writer and light artist Tim Etchells is a founding member and artistic director of the Sheffield (UK) based theater company Forced Entertainment.
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Guest play on 13./14./15.06. 2024

Dates Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1, 04109 Leipzig
Thu, 13.06. 20:00
Guest Performance
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Concept and performance: Tim Etchells und Meg Stuart
Light design: Gilles Roosen, Tom Bruwier
Costume design: Annabel Heyse
Production management: Damaged Goods


In cooperation with the Institute of Theatre Studies and the Centre of Competence for Theatre at the University of Leipzig as well as the Tanzarchiv Leipzig, for the congress „Offene Räume“ of the Gesellschaft für Theaterwissenschaft (gtw)