Pierre Rigal / Compagnie dernière minute, Toulouse


(Trip hazards)
A shaman, but maybe also a magician or samurai, manipulates a group of six people. He is faceless and exerts a strange fascination. His hallucinatory powers put everyone in a trance. Even though this being seems to stem from mythology, he also seems very contemporary in his dangerous abuse of power. The unique thing: it is the performance’s musician – the personified music.

The piece “Scandale” (“Trip hazard”) is based on the hip-hop dance style and combines it with other up-tempo currents in contemporary dance such as breakdance, popping, crumping and clubbing. The title originates from “skándalon” (Greek) or “scandalum” (Latin) and means “impulse” or “nuisance”, though it can also mean incantation, rapture, indignation or stumbling.

Pierre Rigal was born in Moissac in southern France in 1973. He studied mathematic economics in Toulouse and did athletics at the same time. At the age of 23, he came to dance and worked with Heddy Maalem, Wim Vandekeybus, Nacera Belaza, Philippe Decouflé and Gilles Jobin among others. In 2003, he founded the Compagnie dernière minute, for which he created numerous pieces, for example “Asphalte” (2009) and “Standards” (2012). He choreographed the children’s piece “Merveille” (“Wonder”, 2018) for the Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris.

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From 14 years


ca. 1:00, no break


Camille Regneault, Emilie Schram, Steve Kamseu, Fabien Maitrel, Antonio Mvuani, Julien Saint-Maximin as Dancers
Gwenaël Drapeau as Musician (drums and keyboard)


Concept and choreography: Pierre Rigal
Music: Gwenaël Drapeau, Julien Lepreux
Costumes: Mélanie Chartreux
Lighting designer: Frédéric Stoll

euro-scene Leipzig

06. NOV.–11. NOV. 2018
„Bühnen – Klang – Welten“
(“Stage – Sound – Worlds”)

The guest performance in Leipzig is supported by Institut français, Berlin & French Ministry of Culture - DGCA, Paris.