Zinzi Buchanan & Fayer Koch
How can we feel aliveness? A journey through sickness, love and loss. Through research into ancient healing techniques, outsourced care, bodily autonomy, divination and grief, we open ourselves to meditate on sickness and all the stories revealed.
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A project by: Fayer Koch und Zinzi Buchanan
Concept: Zinzi Buchanan
Text: Fayer Koch und Zinzi Buchanan
Artistic Coworker: Clay AD, Paca Faraus, Martina Hefter, Jordan Martin, Peter Scherrebeck Hansen, Xenia Taniko, Jared Cooper Cobain MUSIK NYX
Sound design: Ivanka Tramp, TELESKOP
Costum design: Rike Zöllner
Production manager: Falk Grever