Sleep In

The idea is pretty simple: Attendees are invited to sleep while artists play music that encourages to do so.

It is very rare that we share the intimacy of our night's rest with so many other people. Our brains are much more active and our senses remain more alert when we spend time in the company of others - even in the unconscious state of sleep and dreaming. When combined with an auditory stimulus, this opens up opportunities to experience a night in a slightly different way: We seem to dream much more and remember our dreams more vividly.

In the phase just after falling asleep and just before waking up, the brain is very active. In these states, thoughts can link together in new ways - quite independent of logical patterns. It is precisely these stages in which our mind gives free rein to its imagination. However, by oscillating between being immersed and being awakened, it becomes possible not only to experience these stages several times in the course of a night, but also, ideally, to remember them better.

It is not necessarily a deep and restful night, but one that will be remembered for a long time!

Music by:

yet unseen (dj)
20:00 - 23:00

„The softness of the seat pulls inward… I throw my head back and turn on the music… Despite so many mysteries, I know that this trip will definitely guide to something important…!“
Undecided in which genre he is at home, yet unseen often glides through the entire musical landscape in his mixes to draw the red thread in the big picture. With a lot of dynamism and an interest in surprising his listeners, he creates scenic combinations that resemble a soundtrack. He will open the Sleep In and prepare the room for the night - with all its dreams.

Galina Ozeran (live)
23:00 - 2:00

„The synth music (…) sounds like it travelled far across time and space to reach your ears.“
Also known as Chikiss, born in Belarus, is a singer, pianist, composer and producer as a solo artist and part of a wide variety of bands and collaborations. Her style is characteristically dreamy with lots of original rhythms and sounds that unagitatedly create profound moods. Her live vocals blend organically with synth tracks, exchanging shimmering elements here and there. For Sleep In, she will play a three-hour live concert into sleep.

Sa Pa (dj)
2:00 - 5:30

„The sensation whilst listening is not unlike hearing the world from a place within the body; swimming in the bloodstream, cutting through the turbulent landscape secure in a metal tube.“
Subtle and intense, with concisely tips and great sound design Sa Pa produces his own tracks and releases mixtapes. Using field records from a wide variety of sources and few electronic means, he creates dub-heavy hallucinogenic atmospheres that allow for far-flung journeys of thought. With his event series "absurd lustre" at Arkaoda (Berlin), he offers a platform to explore genre experiments and a place to dive and sink into.
Sleep in is not unknown territory for him and nighttime the ideal starting point for his music.

Vanessa Bettina (dj)
5:30 - 7:30

„Melodien für millennials.“
With a lot of feeling, lightness and a fine sense for beautiful moments Vanessa Bettina creates very round mixes. She allows each song the necessary length and has the courage to pause. Her selection is always an enrichment for the soul and one's own well-being, without becoming cheesy.
She will provide the transition into the morning and the greeting of the sun to Sleep In, preparing for a new day.

dj ony (live)
7:30 bis 10:00

„Ony’s measured handling of the keyboard (…) conjures a sense of the tension between practice and improvisation; between following rules and exploring the mysterious territory beyond them.“
His music is reminiscent of early electronic music, littered with arpeggiator rhythms and floating melodies that spread freely across his tracks. Natural tones unfold with analog charm and mingle with concrete electronica.
When breakfast is ready and sleep is rubbed from the eyes, his live set will level the minds and wish a nice day.

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On 05.01.2023

Start: 20:00
Last entry: 22:45
End: 10:00

For everyone over 18.
This event is not a party!

Out of respect for the peace and quiet, we ask that you do not leave the event unnecessarily early in order to round out the experience from start to finish. Give yourself and everyone else time to slide into the evening and out into the morning. Hustle and noise are the wrong vibe at Sleep In!

You must bring your own blankets, sleeping bags, sleeping pads or mattresses, and warm clothing and slippers if needed. Residenz is heated and has sanitary facilities.

The bar is open until 00:00. Tap water is available all night.

Vegan breakfast with coffee, tea and juice is available free of charge from sunrise.

The venue Residenz is not barrier-free!