Thematic focus "Breaking the Spell"

Stefanie Wenner / Agata Siniarska

Stefanie Wenner (Dresden/Berlin): „Steine gegen Natur. Ein Spaziergang“
Agata Siniarska (Berlin/Warschau): „Stillleben No. 2“

Stefanie Wenner (Dresden/Berlin): „Steine gegen Natur.
Ein Spaziergang“

The artist and professor of applied theatre studies Stefanie Wenner invites you to tear down the artificial border between nature and culture together on a walk. Please bring a stone with you that you can carry and throw well. Along the way, the idea is to touch non-human bodies, hum a song, and kiss the earth with your feet. Against the darkness, light will be given outside. The path is suitable for wheelchairs.

Agata Siniarska (Berlin/Warschau): „Stillleben No. 2“

Animal life is often defined as 'life on the surface' and thus any attempt to understand another species is always a superficial contact. Starting from these assumptions, choreographer Agata Siniarska focuses on the skin as a sensual meeting place between species. How can the notion of the 'animal surface' be a site of engagement with the animal world, an attempt to get closer to another species, the surface of interaction as a zone for thinking about such inaccessible places?
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