3-part Ballet performance

Triple Bill

Veldman / Pérez / Harriague
The cooperation between Schauspiel Leipzig and Leipzig Ballet is an opportunity for Ballet Director and Chief Choreographer Mario Schröder to present current trends and movement vocabularies of contemporary dance in Leipzig and to offer scope for a wide variety of choreographic approaches in the repertoire of Leipzig Ballet.
Following three successful programmes by internationally renowned choreographers, these works, which represent very different artistic perspectives, will be brought into contact with each other in one combined show.

Life’s great questions – how to deal with memories, love, loss, but also the beginning of a new existence and the human body as the source of all communication and all conflicts – those are the issues investigated in these selected works by choreographers Iván Perez from Spain (“Flesh”), Didy Veldman from the Netherlands (“See Blue Through”) and Martin Harriague from France (“America”). The interaction of these diverse choreographies shows the great variety of the language of dance, its similarities and differences and the very special universal aspect that makes this art-form unique.
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See Blue Through

Music: Alfred Schnittke
Choreography, Stage & Costume Design: Didy Veldman


Music: Arvo Pärt & Eric Whiteacre
Choreography: Iván Pérez
Costume Designer: Carlijn Petermeijer
Light: Tom Visser


Music: The Shoes, The Knife, Octavio Mesa, Alva Noto / Ryuichi Sakamoto, Barry White, Donald Trump — Speeches from rallies, inaugurations & interviews
Percussions & Mix / Choreography, Stage & Costume Design: Martin Harriague

A cooperation between Leipziger Ballett and Schauspiel Leipzig