Film / Performance

Under Influence

Sidney Leoni feat. Halla Ólafsdóttir
Under Influence is a fiction feature film portraying the mysterious and psychotic journey of the actress Julia Gordon, who frenetically turns her imagination into a living world away from the humdrum existence of her contemporaries. Frustrated by the character that she is playing in a new motion picture titled Being Kate Winslet, Julia Gordon finds comfort under the influence of charismatic classic film characters – which she repetitively turns into.
Under Influence is shaped like a maze of real and naturalistic events, of series of cuts, of shifts and collisions between the real world and fictional ones, of complete imaginary and fantastic situations, of visualization of thoughts, of mental associations, of wishes and fantasies that swirl through the mind of an actress who conveys her dreams to us. The plot being the point of entry into a kaleidoscopic experience of identity and of cinema in the way of a visual, auditory and physical journey.
Sidney Leoni works as a choreographer, performer and filmmaker. His artistic research explores the field of immersive and experiential theatre and cinema, in which he focuses on the processes and effects of audience’s imaginary and sensory perceptions. Sidney insists in darkening the rooms where his work takes place (theatre, black box, cinema), as he sees in darkness an immense promise – a promise of a different kind of sociability and sensibility between humans.

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