by Florian Zeller
André is eighty years old, a widower and father of two daughters. He becomes aware that something is changing – objects disappear, he hides things, he feels threatened, persecuted, he loses his bearings in time and space… The old man searches for traces of himself and finds himself in a world where his biography and the relationships it brought are no longer valid, because the reality from which it emerged is perishing, dissolving.

Director Tilo Krügel uses this play, written by French playwright Florian Zeller from the perspective of an Alzheimer patient, as the basis for a multi-media theatrical contemplation on the connection between the past and the present, on the prevailing of knowledge and people and on the question of how our society wants to handle ageing. The story of this family, reduced to father and daughter, stands as an example of the much-quoted nucleus of Western society, which is meant to provide warmth but is in fact unable to withstand the pressure from without. There seems to be no space at present, neither in the private nor in the social sphere, for the reversal of chronology of a life that ageing brings about.

Tilo Krügel has been a member of Schauspiel Leipzig’s acting company since the beginning of Enrico Lübbe’s artistic directorship. Previously, he had been engaged as an actor at Schauspielhaus Chemnitz, where he was also the studio head for the acting institute “Hans Otto” Leipzig. In 2013, Krügel and his fellow actor Hartmut Neuber founded “Club ü31”, a participatory theatre club at Schauspiel Leipzig. By 2016, Krügel and Neuber had co-directed three devised plays. Tilo Krügel has also directed his own productions in Chemnitz, Gera, Altenburg and Zittau.

This cooperation project with Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig marks the expansion of Schauspiel Leipzig’s range of cooperation with cultural institutions in the city of Leipzig by another partner from the independent scene.

The production will take place at Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig.
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Premiere at the Club Convention 2020 on May 15, 2020

Dates Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1, 04109 Leipzig
Fri, 15.05.
Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig


Director: Tilo Krügel
Equipment: Agathe MacQueen
Animation: Lisa Schoppmann
Dramaturg: Georg Mellert

In cooperation with Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig