Water & Coltan

aus der Reihe: landscapes and bodies
Kötter / Israel / Limberg (Berlin)
“Water” and “Coltan” are the third and fourth part of the documentary performance series “landscapes and bodies”, which investigates the ecological and social transformations of mining. “Water” delves below the surface of the earth in the Ruhrgebiet, where water pumps have taken over the legacies of the miners. “Coltan” reveals the connections between working and dwelling, between landscape and global capital in the eastern regions of the DR Congo.
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Christian Chokola Muhigwa u. a. (Performance)


Artistic management: Kötter/Israel/Limberg
Dramaturg: Anna Ptak
Production: ehrliche arbeit — freies Kulturbüro mit Leoni Grützmacher

A coproduction of Kötter/Israel/Limberg with Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig und PACT Zollverein Essen.

Supported by Fonds Doppelpass der Kulturstiftung des Bundes and by Kunststiftung NRW.