beach house

by Dorian Brunz
//Winner of the Drama Competition at the 2020 Autorentheatertage at Deutsches Theater Berlin

Twins Taylor and Ronny have drawn the grand prize lottery ticket at the fair, and on their birthday to boot: a stay at the Beach House in Florida. They want to take their mother, who suffers from chronic rheumatism, and stay there forever, where the sun shines all the time. Since they seem to be on the brink of a lucky escape, it seems as if, regardless of all their own neuroses and afflictions, the three of them are no more than guests on their housing estate. But then they find out the conditions tied to the lottery win. Rather than give up their dream, Taylor and Ronny get involved in all sorts of dangerous deals, both in the digital and the analogue world, while their mother escapes into memories of a revolution under palm trees.

Dorian Brunz contrasts Beach House, this place that dreams are made of, with a brutal and treacherous reality. Fighting this reality takes everything the twins have to give and nearly even their faith in their own dream. What to do with all the rage they have left in the end?

“beach house” by Dorian Brunz is one of three theatre texts that will be premiered during the Long Night of Authors at the 2020 Autorentheatertage at Deutsches Theater Berlin. A jury consisting of dramatist Dea Loher, actor Nina Hoss and translator David Tushingham selected these three new plays from among 171 entries. The world premiere of “beach house” in Berlin will be followed by the Leipzig-premiere of the play in the coming season. After “atlas” by Thomas Köck, “beach house” will be the second production of Director-in-Residence Philipp Preuss at Diskothek.

Dorian Brunz was born in Berlin in 1993. He studied History and Literature at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin as well as Creative Writing for the Stage at the Berlin University of the Arts. Workshop productions of his plays have been presented at Hans Otto Theater Potsdam, at the Box of Deutsches Theater Berlin and at Bat-Studiotheater; one of his plays was produced at Theater Koblenz. His play “Das Kind malt” was invited to the Interplay Europe Festival in Liepaja, Latvia. In 2018, his text “Glas” won him an invitation to the festival “4+1 – ein treffen junger autorInnen” at Schauspiel Leipzig.
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Anna Keil as Frau Schmetterling
Julia Preuß as Taylor Schmetterling (her daughter)
Felix Axel Preißler as Ronny Schmetterling (her twin brother)
Tilo Krügel as Fernando


Playwright: Dorian Brunz
Director: Philipp Preuss
Stage Designer & Costume Designer: Ramallah Aubrecht
Sound: Alexander Nemitz
Lighting design: Carsten Rüger
Dramaturg: Matthias Döpke
Theatre pedagogy: Amelie Gohla