ClubFusion 2022

Festival der Theaterspielclubs von Schauspiel Leipzig, TdJW und Junge Oper Leipzig

Here we go again! Theater der Jungen Welt, Junge Oper Leipzig and Schauspiel Leipzig will host the second edition of their great joint club festival in the summer of 2022. People from Leipzig between the ages of 6 and 90 years will come together to develop their own productions under the guidance of professional directors. There is a wide spectrum of working methods, chosen topics, acting forms and formats used by the participants. The festival promotes the visibility of Leipzig’s Citizens’ Theatre-scene and illustrates its many faces. With this cooperation, the institutions signal their readiness to open Leipzig’s theatre houses towards the city’s society.

Beside the presentation of created productions, the festival focuses on becoming a place for club members to meet, work together and explore each other’s different practices. Furthermore, a programme of educational workshops and feedback formats is intended to use and establish the festival as a platform for (expert) exchange and as a network for directors and expert audiences.
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