Conversations Out of Place

Ivana Müller (Paris)
Ivana Müller’s “Conversations” were inspired by the Conte Philosophique, the 18thcentury philosophical salon. She developed a playful score for a dialoguebetween fundamental views on concepts like work, illusion, bodies, community,nature or. In these unusual encounters, the abstract ideas are embodied by fourperformers and several plants.  This ideamay appear peculiar, but it is based on the objective consideration of therelationships of organisms with each other and with their environment. It isonly logical that the performers be partially replaced by plants. How elsecould you have a dialogue between interchangeability and exploitation? And ofcourse, Flora’s stage-stars will go on to have a second life in Leipzig’s beautifulparks and gardens. IvanaMüller sees her choreographies as a social practise. Fundamental questions ofinterpersonal interaction and its representation on stage are always addressedwith reference to concrete realities of life. Language or objects are as muchpart of her movement material as the body. Her work is characterised by a subtlesense of humour and she always faces her intelligent concepts with aself-ironic wink.
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Ivana Müller in Zusammenarbeit mit den PerformerInnen Hélène Iratchet, Julien Lacroix, Anne Lenglet, Vincent Weber
Light Designer: Martin Kaffarnik
Cornelia Friederike Müller, Jonas Rutgeerts, Alisa Hecke, I’M' COMPANY (Matthieu Bajolet & Gerco de Vroeg), Verena B. Ritter, Schauspiel Leipzig, SZENE Salzburg, Ménagerie de verre (Paris), La Villette – Résidences d’artistes (Paris), Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk), Le Phare – Centre chorégraphique national du Havre Normandie