David Hörning
    Jonas Koch
    Elias Popp
    Guido Schikore
    Guido Schikore
    Luise Georgi
    Samira Lehmann / Stefan Wenzel

    Der gelbe Nebel (UA)

    by Alexander Wolkow
    When the great magician Hurricap, who created Magic Land long ago, was alive, an unending succession of natural disasters suddenly occurred. Heavy gales swept across the land, rivers burst their banks, cows and sheep were carried off by epidemic plagues. All this was caused by the giantess Arachna, a very wicked witch. In her mind, a day when she could not do anyone harm was a lost day. Hurricap decided to punish Arachna, and after a long battle, he put her into a magic slumber to last 5,000 years. And so she vanished into oblivion. 
    When Arachna awoke at last, she had no way of knowing everything that had happened in the meantime. Through the chronicles of the dwarves, she learned that the Magic Land had been divided up among the fairies Willina, Stella, Gingema and Bastinda. She read about Goodwin the Great and Terrible and about Urfin Juice, who had in vain tried to seize the Magic Land. Arachna decided to fight for the rule of the country and to have herself proclaimed empress. But in the countries of the Winkies, the Munchkins, the underground Ore-Diggers and even in the Emerald City, the witch suffered bitter defeats. Although Arachna had lost some of her magic powers during her long sleep, however, she still had enough left to do plenty of evil. And so she wreaked her revenge by conjuring up a poisonous yellow fog that covered the entire country and obscured the sun, so that winter came over this land of eternal summer.
         But how can you fight a danger that you cannot lay your hands on? A danger that literally clouds the senses and sows disharmony among the people of the Magic Land? With the help of doctors Boril and Robil, Elli and her friends create the iron giant Tilly-Willy to match the strength of the powerful witch.

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    David Hörning, Jonas Koch, Markus Lerch, Michael Pempelforth, Elias Popp, Marie Rathscheck, Annett Sawallisch, Guido Schikore, Luise Georgi, Samira Lehmann / Stefan Wenzel


    Director: Stephan Beer
    Stage Designer: Georg Burger
    Costume Designer: Kristina Böcher
    Choreography: Sibylle Uttikal
    Music: Beyer / Wockenfuß
    Puppetry: Samira Lehmann / Stefan Wenzel
    Dramaturgy: Matthias Huber
    Light Designer: Veit-Rüdiger Griess