Der Minusmensch

by Till Müller-Klug
A female financial consultant wants to have a child and is tired of looking for a partner to start a family with. She turns to a doctor who introduces her to the new world of limitless options provided by reproductive medicine. Together, they discover that capitalising on the desire for a child is a promising business idea. Their company outlines a future where analogue conception becomes obsolete and artificial insemination provides total control over the newly created being. But then the ‘minus-children’ pipe up – the millions of potential lives contained in frozen eggs and sperm. The doctor’s assistant visits them in their cooling tanks and seems to follow a plan of his own to thwart his boss’ business mindset.  

In this edgy text, author Till Müller-Klug goes through today’s potential options for making personal and financial decisions. The play questions phenomena like social egg freezing and surrogacy, broaches the subjects of equal rights and new concepts of family and addresses ethical and moral concerns surrounding the topic of modern reproductive medicine. 

Director Steffen Klewar and his team will create a hyper-realistic, multi-media space of action for Till Müller-Klug’s play. During the 2013/14 season, Steffen Klewar directed the world premiere of Jörg Albrecht’s play “My love was a ghost”. As part of the Federal Cultural Foundation’s Doppelpass funding programme, he will direct “Ceci n’est pas un HYPE!”, a co-operation project of Schauspiel Leipzig and the theatre collective copy & waste.

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Brian Völkner as Assistant


Playwright: Till Müller-Klug
Director: Steffen Klewar
Stage & Costumes: Silke Bauer
Music: Lenard Gimpel
Video: Ian Purnell
Dramaturgy: Katja Herlemann