Der nackte Wahnsinn

by Michael Frayn
Dotty Otley wants to give it another go. With her last theatrical successes fading out of memory, she puts her money into a tour that will bring her back to the big time. Unfortunately, her funds are limited, and so her fellow actors have to be recruited from among her former and current lovers (with the current status sometimes less than definite) and from colleagues whose best time are long (some might say: too long) past.
And neither does the farce which Dotty has chosen for her comeback – “Nothing On” – withstand close scrutiny or logic. Rehearsals turn disastrous when the players become helplessly entangled in the depths of the preposterous plot, their own private imbroglios and the question of through which of the many doors they have to make their next entrance. Director Lloyd Dallas is alone in his dogged attempts to make the on- and off-stage proceedings follow a common thread… 
With “Der nackte Wahnsinn (Noises Off, 1982)”, Michael Frayn wrote one of the great classics among theatrical comedies. Conceived as a theatre in the theatre, Frayn’s comedy plays with the whole range of theatre clichés and stage mishaps – and exhausts the full potential of a revolving stage: In the course of the evening, the events in front of, on and behind the stage of “Nothing On” are on display. Act One shows the dress rehearsal, Act Two is a later performance, but presented from the backstage point of view. Act Three once again shows what happens onstage: It is the final performance, the end of the “Nothing On”-tour – and only scanty shreds of Lloyd’s production, of the company’s sanity and of the play itself remain…  

 Artistic director Enrico Lübbe directed “Der nackte Wahnsinn” as a New Year’s Eve premiere in 2015 – this is the production’s third consecutive season.

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Wenzel Banneyer as Lloyd Dallas, director
Julia Berke as Belinda Blair, Flavia Brent
Andreas Keller as Selsdon Mowbray, burglar
as Inspizient Tim Allgood
Denis Petković as Garry Lejeune, Roger Tramplemain
Julia Preuß as Poppy Norton-Taylor, assistant director
Katharina Schmidt as Brooke Ashton, Vicki
Bettina Schmidt as Dotty Otley, Mrs. Clackett
Dirk Lange as Frederick Fellowes, Philip Brent/sheik


Director: Enrico Lübbe
Stage: Etienne Pluss
Costumes: Bianca Deigner
Dramaturgy: Torsten Buß
Theatre pedagogy: Amelie Gohla