Der schlaue Urfin und seine Holzsoldaten

by Alexander Wolkow
Urfin Juice the carpenter is a skillful craftsman. But his wickedness is transferred to everything that he makes. Even the toys that he carves have such horrible heads that they make the children cry in fear. Since no one wants to buy his goods, he builds himself a house in the forest, close to the house of the wicked witch Gingema, and enters into her service. After Gingema is killed by Elli’s falling house, he wants to step into the witch’s power.
Together with the owl Guamokolatokint, Urfin hatches an evil plan: Using a powder that brings objects to life, he creates an army of man-sized wooden soldiers. With their help, he wants to conquer the entire Magic Land – including the Emerald City, which is now ruled by the thrice-wise Scarecrow…
The character of Urfin Juice, villain of the second part of the “Magic Land”-series, is almost more popular than its heroes – Elli, Scarecrow, Iron Lumberjack and Brave Lion.
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Thomas Braungardt as Der Scheuch
Andreas Dyszewski as Holzfäller
Max Fischer as Holzoldat / Sechsfüßer
Annett Sawallisch as Guamokolatokint, Eule
David Hörning as Bofalo, Bewohner des Unterirdischen Reiches / Willinas Zauberbuch / Holzsoldat
Roman Kanonik as Din Gior, Soldat
Jonas Koch as Holzsoldat / Der Tapfere Löwe
Tilo Krügel as Urfin Juice
Ferdinand Lehmann as Käuerin / Smaragdenstädterin / Holzsoldat / Sechsfüßer
Hartmut Neuber as Ruf Bilan / John, Ellis Vater
Elias Popp as Käuer / Smaragdenstädter / Holzsoldat / Sechsfüßer
Anna Keil as Kaggi-Karr, Krähe / Anna, Ellis Mutter
Nina Siewert as Willina, Fee des Gelben Reiches / Stella, Fee des Rosa Reiches / Holzsoldat


Director: Stephan Beer
Choreography: Sibylle Uttikal
Dramaturgy: Matthias Huber