Die 12 Monate

Based on motivs by Božena Němcová and Samuil Marschak
Schauspiel Leipzig at Zoo Leipzig

Like every year, the twelve months meet on New Year’s Eve, at a camp fire in a clearing deep in the forest, to present the month of January with the sceptre for the coming year. But this year, the ritual is disturbed by an unusual occurrence: A lost little girl in nothing but skimpy clothes breaks in on the gathering.

The headstrong queen, only a girl herself, promises on a whim that everyone who brings her a basket full of snowdrops will have the same basket filled to the brim with gold. And so the evil stepmother and the envious stepsister send the girl straight back into the woods to collect snowdrops.
Find snowdrops? In the dead of winter? A hopeless endeavour. But the twelve months, with handsome young April leading the way, agree to help the girl – thirsty for action and with the help of the wind and the weather. There’s only one thing: She has to keep the secret of her location to herself…

This is the second year of a co-operation between Zoo Leipzig and Schauspiel Leipzig: On the weekends in Advent and during the Christmas holidays, this enchanting classic fairy-tale will be performed in a specially created “Christmas Yurt” at the Kiware Kopje in the middle of the zoo – the only area in the whole of Leipzig where snow will be guaranteed. The performance is 45 minutes long, making it ideal for children from the ages of 4 years and their families.

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Costumes: Marleen Hinniger
Dramaturgy: Matthias Huber, Marleen Ilg
Collaboration dramaturgy: Clara Probst


A co-operation of Schauspiel Leipzig and ZooLeipzig