Die Ermüdeten oder Das Etwas, das wir sind

by Bernhard Studlar
They don’t smoke, they drink organic beer and grow their own vegetables. They are single, couples, parents. They have reached the midpoint of their lives. They are fine-tuning their careers or their investment funds. They are fostering their bourgeois, leftist liberal world-views and their journeys of self-discovery. They live down-to-earth and fully functional lives. Or their circumstances are precarious and yet without dreams.
And now they are finally getting together again, at a party on a roof terrace high above the city, where alcoholic beverages are served, just this once. The children are in bed, the baby-sitters have their instructions, and yet, the planned evening of fun somehow doesn’t seem to take off.  At first, they try to make small-talk and have interesting conversations, but soon, they bare all. And things get very, very bad.

Bernhard Studlar is not afraid of the abyss that opens up between these friends and acquaintances. He pulls no punches and we watch how his characters drop even the last vestiges of decency. And we are left with a sparse sense of life: Forever young, as old as the hills. Cheers! And a final souvenir photo. There may be nothing to celebrate, but how lovely that you’re all here.

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Playwright: Bernhard Studlar
Director: Claudia Bauer
Stage & Costumes: Andreas Auerbach
Music: Jonas Schmid
Video: Gabriel Arnold
Dramaturgy: Matthias Huber
Theatre pedagogy: Babette Büchele