Commissioned work by Schauspiel Leipzig

Disko (World Premiere)

By Wolfram Höll
//Invited to the 44th Mülheimer Theatertage – Stücke 2019

Who gets in and who doesn’t – this is the vital question for many night birds at the start of an evening of partying. But it is a much more essential question for those whose social integration is both demanded and doubted. In this commissioned work for Schauspiel Leipzig, Wolfram Höll cross-fades the dramaturgy of a night at the disco with social debates, letting the language pulse to the beat of the house music.

This is Wolfram Höll’s fourth theatre play and his third to be premiered at Schauspiel Leipzig. His texts are extremely concentrated and distinguish him as one of the most formally and poetically radical dramatists writing in German. In 2014 and 2016, he received the Mülheim Dramatists’ Award for the Leipzig productions of “Und dann” and “Drei sind wir”.

Bulgarian director Ivan Panteleev has directed plays by Chekhov, Joyce, Pirandello, Goethe, Müller and Welsh in Sofia, Avignon, Riga, Stockholm and Zurich. In Germany, he has been working regularly at Deutsches Theater Berlin. His Berlin production of “Warten auf Godot (Waiting for Godot)” was invited to the 2015 Berlin Theatertreffen. He created a documentary film about Dimiter Gotscheff and writes plays; this production of a commissioned play by Wolfram Höll is his first introduction to the Leipzig audience.
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Premiere on February 9, 2019


ca. 1:15, no break


Playwright: Wolfram Höll
Director: Ivan Panteleev
Stage Designer / Costume Designer: Yanjun Hu
Music: Jan-S. Beyer
Dramaturg: Georg Mellert
Lighting designer: Thomas Kalz