Einige Nachrichten an das All

by Wolfram Lotz
A production of Schauspiel Leipzig’s young people’s theatre club “Sorry, eh!”
“I mean, it’s all about leading a life that doesn’t feel like torture. And I believe that I’ve learned that a successful existence depends on one single thing: entertainment.”
These are characters looking for the meaning of life, struggling against a feeling of internal emptiness. Characters who rebel, who are reborn or raised from the dead to find something worth living for. Something that entitles them to exist. Something that will outlast all things, as testimony to their existence.
Maybe sending messages to the universe could be a solution? But which message is valuable enough to be considered the essence of human existence?
The young people’s theatre club “Sorry, eh!” dedicates itself to “Einige Nachrichten an das All” by Wolfram Lotz, a play that charmingly disarms all rules of classic dramaturgy with its impossible stage directions and countless footnotes.  The result is an experimental setup across several layers of reality. It asks about the status of individual fears and longings in a world that is increasingly defined by “social” networks. Is it all nothing more than space debris?
The young people’s theatre club “Sorry, eh!” was founded at Schauspiel Leipzig in 2013 under the direction of Yves Hinrichs, who previously headed the youth clubs at Neues Theater Halle and Schauspiel Chemnitz.
The youth club was repeatedly invited to present its Leipzig productions of “Frozen (Eisrauschen)”, “Never Ever Disconnected” (based on Falk Richter) and “Wunder-land” (based on Gesine Danckwart) at festivals, such as the 2016 Theatertreffen der Jugend in Berlin, the national conference of young people’s theatre clubs in 2016 and the Theatertreffen der Jugend in Switzerland in the same year. In addition, Yves Hinrichs developed a stage version of Wolfgang Herrndorf’s bestselling novel “Tschick”, featuring members of Schauspiel Leipzig’s acting company together with players from the young people’s theatre club “Sorry, eh!”. This production will once again be presented at the Leipzig Stadtbad this season. 

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Franz Victor Blumstock, Rafael Funke, Julian Gutmann, Vera Gutmann, Wiebke Jakubicka-Yervis, Dana Koganova, Charlotte Kremberg, Lea Mergell, Ronja Oehler, Hanna Pleßow, Ronja Rath, Willi Reimann, Giulia Roediger, Sarah Schmidt, Philip Schroeder, Paul Spiering, Aleksandr Sterlev, Hugo Tiedje, Arina Toni, Undine Unger, Marie Schulte-Werning


Director: Yves Hinrichs
Music: Undine Unger
Video: Kai Schadeberg
Light Designer: Ralf Riechert