Every Body Electric

Doris Uhlich (Wien)
Artists in Residence 22
“This is my burning interest as a choreographer and an artist: To work with people whose bodies are different from my own, who have a different dynamic, a different rhythm, a different beat.”
Doris Uhlich
People and machines dance in “Every Body Electric”: At Residenz, Doris Uhlich will create the Leipzig version of her most recent production, featuring people with physical disabilities, investigating the dynamics, energy and ecstasy of specific physiques. Which movements work like batteries and re-charge the body? Where do bodies set out to when their batteries become more and more full? Riding in wheelchairs, sitting in machines, wearing prostheses, leaning on crutches.  People with physical limitations are generally not associated with bursts of energy or ecstasy. We think of implosion rather than explosion, stasis rather than progress.
“Every Body Electric” explores movement in which energy is more important than form. The bodies of the people dancing on stage are generally not associated with strength in our society.
Doris Uhlich’s performances deal with political issues in a highly personal manner, making her one of Austria’s most sought-after choreographers.

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Choreography: Doris Uhlich
Dramaturg: Elisabeth Schack
Performance: Yanel Barbeito, Adil Embaby, Karin Ofenbeck, Thomas Richter, Vera Rosner, Katharina Zabransky
Virginie Blei, Katja Mieder, Jenny Rosch, Franziska Stock, Anette Winkler, Marlen Schumann
Music: Boris Kopeinig
Technical director: Gerald Pappenberger
Production: Christine Sbaschnigg
Antje Cordes, Annamaria Waliczky, Yoshie Maruoka, Theresa Rauter