geister sind auch nur menschen

by Katja Brunner
Their last homes are in homes: The old people. Screened from a world that they gave their life-force to, they puzzle at their dissociated bodies and their remaining memories of bourgeois life: Real experiences are juxtaposed with what has been irretrievably neglected, dreams mutate into nightmares. Katja Brunner, one of the most renowned young German-language theatre authors, lends a voice to those who can no longer speak. She brings the moribund back to the centre of a society that has marginalised them in a most professional way. These dried out mouths will no longer mince their words.

    And while the mould is already spreading in the skin folds of these bodies, neglected by their overwhelmed nursing staff, these ghosts of formerly useful members of society put up one final fight. In solidarity choruses and internal rants, they protest against their disenfranchisement and demand the right to love, booze and death. Their voices rush into the visibility that our society has divested them of because they no longer provide the productivity demanded from the subject, and their ailing, death-bound bodies laugh scorn at our contemporary obsession with youth. 

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Playwright: Katja Brunner
Director: Claudia Bauer
Stage & Costumes: Andreas Auerbach
Music: Smoking Joe
Dramaturgy: Katja Herlemann