Yves Hinrichs

    If you were God

    Dance production by Martin Harriague / A co-operation project of Leipzig Ballet and Schauspiel Leipzig
    Including the wide range of currents within contemporary dance in the season’s programme is a central objective in the programmatic planning of Ballet Director and Chief Choreographer Mario Schröder, beside the great dramatic ballets, the choreographic investigation of exceptional artists like Chaplin or van Gogh or choreographies to the great works of choir literature. This season, the stage of Schauspiel Leipzig will serve as the location for these productions without an orchestra for the third time, producing a different kind of proximity with the audience.

    French choreographer Martin Harriague will be at the centre of this production. He began his career as a dancer with Thierry Malandain, whose choreography “Don Juan / Mozart à deux” was celebrated in Leipzig. After several other stations, his time with the Kibbutz Dance Company was a decisive experience. In parallel to working as a dancer, he started to create his own dance pieces, sometimes composing the music himself. He won several awards for emerging artists in Stuttgart, Hannover and Copenhagen among others and was invited to the Malandain Ballet Biarritz. The 31-year-old choreographer places great importance on reaching people directly and on changing established perspectives on life through contemporary dance. He sees his choreographies as “messages of hope, love, tolerance and respect.”
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    Premiere on March 22, 2019


    ca. 1:45, one break


    Es tanzt das Leipziger Ballett

    If you were God

    Yves Hinrichs



    Music: Peter Tschaikowski
    Choreography, Light designer: Martin Harriague
    Costume designer: Mieke Kockelkorn

    If you were God

    Music: Gioacchino Rossini, Beau Jennings, Richard Swift / Musik und Poesie von Derrick C. Brown
    Choreography, Costume designer: Martin Harriague


    Music: The Knife, The Shoes, Barry White, Martin Harriague u. a.
    Choreography, Stage and Light designer: Martin Harriague

    A cooperation between Leipziger Ballett and Schauspiel Leipzig