Power House

Planningtorock (Berlin)
In “Power House”, the Berlin-based British musicians and media artists Jam Rostron/Planningtorock interweave sung and spoken language, electronic and acoustic live music, performance and video into a kind of musical in four acts. In the feminist tradition of connecting the personal with the political, in “Power House”, they look for direct, non-confrontational ways of recounting supposedly personal experiences. Along the lines of their own biographies, they deal with existing limitations of the rights of people with disabilities. In their music, they explicitly address the complex interferences of gender, class and education and their impact on accessibility and the distribution of resources.

In “Power House”, humorous and yet intimate scenarios of autobiographical events overlap with gestures of care, alternative forms of community and strategies of political activism. In a familiar, un-hierarchical attitude, the production provides the company, which consists of a choreographer, performer, musician, video artist and lighting designer, with space for concrete narrative and their own ways of articulation. With its danceable beats, humour and determination, “Power House” creates a communal world of theatrical bodies and intuitive language.

At the “House Warming”-programme that launched last season’s programme, Planningtorock plaid their fulminant concert “Human Drama”.

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Premiere on September 21, 2018


Artistic Director, Composition and Production: Planningtorock
Choreographic framing: Ian Kaler
Performance: Ian Kaler, Maija Karhunen, Ambrita Stucchi
Music performed by: Planningtorock
Stage Designer: Zuzanna Czebatul
Sculpture: Nadine Karl
Costume Designer: Lars Paschke
Video, Visuals: Imogen Heath
Sylvie Garot, Tommy Everett, Jam Rostron, Ian Kaler, Maja Zimmermann, Sarah Heinzel, Maxi Pfannkuchen, das Schaufenster, David Eckelmann, Olivia Oyama, Liang Zhipeng, Goodyn Green

A production of Planningtorock in co-production with Schauspiel Leipzig, Münchner Kammerspiele, La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris) and donaufestival (Krems).

Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin and the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna.