Tobias Amoriello

    Soulmachine – das selbstlernende Robotaxi

    by Lajos Talamonti / Interrobang
    Five people sit across from each other on two benches of a minibus. These passengers are test subjects for a studious software for fully automated driving. By means of tablets and voice control, they communicate with the Artificial Intelligence, accompanied by a software developer. The course of the journey depends on their decisions and behaviour. How do the passengers communicate, both with their self-learning robo-cab and among each other? A mobile human machine on a test parcours that explores the future, complete with system failure and a crash-test simulation.

    On its journey through Leipzig, “Soulmachine” negotiates the micro-politics that prevail between passengers and machine. In his performance piece, Lajos Talamonti confronts participants with the moral consequences that occur when they divest and relieve themselves of their agency and responsibility. What are the ethical standards which we as a society want to develop if we cede more and more of our competence for action to Artificial Intelligence? As a social experimentation field between fear of the future and dreams of innovation, technology is experienced by all the senses: All aboard, please!
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    Premiere on March 11, 2020


    Alina-Katharin Heipe, Tobias Amoriello, Jens Glanze, Roland Keup (Fahrer)


    Concept, Direction: Lajos Talamonti
    Dramaturgy: Lisa Großmann, Till Müller-Klug
    Sound: Daniel Dorsch
    Coding: Florian Fischer
    Outside Eye: Lea Gerschwitz
    Theatre pedagogy: Babette Büchele

    A production of Interrobang Berlin, zeitraumexit e. V. Mannheim, Schauspiel Leipzig, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin, FFT Düsseldorf and AutofreierStadTraum e. V. Bremen