by Wolfgang Herrndorf
Stage adaptation by Robert Koall
The summer holidays have just begun and things could be great for Maik, if he wasn’t the only one without an invitation to the long expected party of Tatjana, his secret crush. Actually, not quite the only one: Tschick, the Russian-German boy from the council flats wasn’t invited either.

Maik and Tschick are both 14 years old and new classmates. Maik is shy, unhappy, a neglected rich kid. Tschick, whose full name is Andrej Tschichatschow, is clever, poor, inscrutable and “possibly Russian mafia”. And then there’s the “borrowed” Lada in which Tschick suddenly turns up at Maik’s house to take him on a trip to Walachia…

Equally funny and wistful, “Tschick” tells the story of a surprising friendship between two outsiders and the challenges of growing up.

Wolfgang Herrndorf (1965-2013) worked as a painter and illustrator before he published his debut novel “In Plüschgewittern” in 2002. He received various awards for “Tschick”, which was published in 2010, among them the 2011 German Children’s Literature Award. 

Actor Yves Hinrichs has developed several youth theatre club projects at Neues Theater Halle and Schauspiel Chemnitz. He joined Schauspiel Leipzig in 2013 and is the director of the award-winning young people’s theatre club “Sorry, eh!”. “Tschick” was the first project for which he worked with both members of Schauspiel Leipzig’s acting company and the theatre club “Sorry, eh!”.

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Franz Viktor Blumstock*, Bella Enderlein*, Lea Mergell*, Philip Schroeder*, Marie Schulte-Werning*, Paul Spiering*, Alexandr Sterlev*, Undine Unger* (*Mitglieder des Jugendclubs „Sorry, eh!“), Annett Sawallisch, Andreas Keller


Director / Stage: Yves Hinrichs
Music: Undine Unger
Costumes: Mareike Hantschel
Dramaturgy: Clara Probst
Light: Veit-Rüdiger Griess


Schauspiel Leipzig im Stadtbad