Und dann

by Wolfram Höll
“A child talks. It talks about the houses, the concrete blocks of flats, stones in a playground – carried here by glaciers, about its father and mother, it talks about outings to the city, the parades, the memories of parades, it remembers the parades. The child speaks, it talks and counts the blocks of flats, the large stones in the playground, the storeys and the doorbells. Before you know it, you are caught in an arithmetic of loss, you are saddened by a number, a three always pointing toward the four, which is no longer, alas, and the two is saddened by the three, the missing one. The child counts, and there is no counting rhyme that can bring back what is lost, because even the rhyme ends with ‘and you’re out!’. Wolfram Höll’s “Und dann” is a text about ‘remembrance’ as the trace left by death in life: the You has passed from being to being remembered. The beloved is no more, and then, and then, the beloved is no more than a memory. This is the chasm, this is the and-then in which Höll operates. And he does so with linguistic finesse, discretion and an impressive sense of form.” Ewald Palmetshofer’s jury statement on the invitation to the Stückemarkt of the 2012 Berlin Theatertreffen.
    Claudia Bauer’s acclaimed world premiere production of Wolfram Höll’s text will see its fifth season in the repertoire of Schauspiel Leipzig. Furthermore, it has been invited to the 57th Venice Biennale – Biennale Teatro 2017.

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Playwright: Wolfram Höll
Director: Claudia Bauer
Stage & Costumes: Andreas Auerbach
Music: Peer Baierlein
Video: Kai Schadeberg
Dramaturgy: Matthias Huber, Ester Holland-Merten
Theatre pedagogy: Amelie Gohla