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Völlig ausgebucht (Fully Committed)

By Becky Mode
German translation by Steffen Kopetzky
Sami’s job is hell. He is in charge of reservations for a celebrity restaurant and has to juggle three phones all day, every day, forever faced with the threat of a disaster. Whether the Russian mafia announces a family celebration or a B-list celebrity’s reservation has been lost – Sami will manage everything. And beside all this, he has his own family and a sluggish acting career to take care of. One caller after another is dealt with at breakneck speed.

As an acting graduate, Becky Mode worked as a waitress in New York for some time – the idea for “Völlig ausgebucht (Fully Committed)” emerged from small scenes that she and a fellow actor used to improvise during their breaks, acting out the most ludicrous of encounters with customers for each other.
This off-Broadway comedy success is both social satire and the story of an underdog who has learned to make the most of his power. A manic solo for one actor and 36 characters, late at night at the Diskothek.
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Premiere on December 5, 2018


Further dates in planning


Playwright: Becky Mode
Director: Kristina Seebruch
Stage Designer / Costume Designer: Lisa Kruse
Music: Johannes Fleischer
Dramaturgy: Georg Mellert
Theatre pedagogy: Amelie Gohla