Maria Schneider aka Mascha Juno
Maria Schneider aka Mascha Juno
Martin Wenk
Martin Wenk
Michael Wilhelmi
Michael Wilhelmi

Jahrestage (Anniversaries). Part Two

A memory room for Uwe Johnson's "Anniversaries"
A project by Anna-Sophie Mahle and ensemble
Back to the year 1968, back to Gesine and Marie on New York’s Riverside Drive. Back to the village of Jerichow of her memories, where a young Gesine is waiting for her father’s return from war imprisonment in a zone of Soviet rule. Her protector is Jakob. He takes care of her and she falls in love with him. First at school and later as a student, Gesine encounters oppression by the strengthened SED-regime at first hand. She experiences absurd snitching and indoctrination rituals, but there is also friendship and youthful resistance. And once again, the Cresspahls are faced with a new system, new power and – above all – a new kind of necessary assimilation.

In “Jahrestage. Zweiter Teil”, based on Uwe Johnson, the major topic that drives both the author and his protagonist unfolds once more. No country anywhere and no act of migration can remove Gesine’s moral burden of being bound up in political conflicts and bring her peace.
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Premiere on 02.03.2024

Dates Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1, 04109 Leipzig
Thu, 30.05. 19:30 — 21:00
for the last time!

Further dates in planning


ca. 1:30, no break

Stroboscopic light is used in this production.



Maria Schneider aka Mascha Juno, Martin Wenk, Tadeo Fisser (am 8.5.24), Michael Wilhelmi


Director: Anna-Sophie Mahler
Script and concept: Falk Rößler
Stage Design & Costume: Katrin Connan
Dramaturgy: Benjamin Große
Light: Carsten Rüger
Video: Fabian Polinski
Sound: Anko Ahlert, Nico Teichmann, Gregory Weis
Inspection: Ulrich Hänsch
Soufflage: Christiane Wittig
Assistant director: Lukas Leon Krüger
Stage design assistance: Stella Vollmer
Costume assistance: Arabella Marsh-Hilfiker
Mask: Donka Holeček, Ute Markow
Props: André Sproete
Stage manager: Patrick Ernst
Director & dramaturgy internship: Antoine Palévody, Charlotte Riedner
Boxtraining: Davide Molinari
Theatre pedagogy: Nele Hoffmann