Marleen Ilg

Marleen Ilg studied Philosophy and Ethnology in Freiburg/Breisgau. From 2013/14, she worked at Deutsches Theater in Göttingen, first in the press department and later as an assistant director. She devised her first dramaturgy and directing projects there. Together with other members of the company, she developed the event series “In der Bellevue Bar mit… (At the Bellevue Bar with…)” as well as editions of the format “DT Nacht-Bar”.
In 2015, she began a Master’s degree course in Dramaturgy at HfS “Ernst Busch” in Berlin, where she produced further projects. After graduating, she also worked within the independent scene. The devised play “Singulär Plural Sein!”, which she created together with the Berlin performance collective Ebene D, was presented at the 2018 Performing Arts Festival Berlin. For this piece, she was involved in developing the concept, text and performance. The production “Burt”, directed by Alice Bogaerts, was invited to “Körber Studio für Junge Regie” and the festival “Theater Aan Zee” in Oostende.

From the 2020/21 season, Marleen Ilg will be a dramaturg at Schauspiel Leipzig after having already worked at the theatre as an assistant dramaturg during the previous season.