Die vier Jahreszeiten (nicht von Vivaldi): Frühling

#BBF_Production (Leipzig) / Artists in Residence
Vivaldi described the course of a year with his work "Die Vier Jahreszeiten“ („The Four Seasons.") #BBF_Production take up this theme. A theme that is now unpredictable. How long will our seasons actually exist like this? Should we create a new season that works appropriately for all phases of life?
The result is four evenings in which all senses are addressed. A journey through a salon, where playful, cinematic, musical and performative the seasons are taken apart and relived.

#BBF_Production are a two-headed (girls-)team since 2014, consisting of Theresa Ehrenberg and Franziska Braun a.k.a. Franny Fränzn. They shoot music videos, mockumentaries, are musicians, have a radio show, put on records and host events. Mostly inspired by clichés and role models, often playful, affectionate and always simple. For KATAPULT - Performance Plattform Leipzig 2021 they created the show evening "Let's talk about money" in the Residenz.

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From 03.11.2023


Franziska Braun, Theresa Ehrenberg, Stephan Langer, Mike Hummel


Direction & Concept: #BBF_Production
Text: Stephan Langer
Live-Showband: Pizza 3 Euro
Sound & Light: Dominik Kaiser, Isaak Künzel

A production by #BBF_Production and Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig

Supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Leipzig