Der Fall Woyzeck

Tour of Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig
Georg Büchner’s drama brought the Woyzeck case into the canon of world literature: In 1824, Johann Christian Woyzeck was publicly executed in Leipzig’s market square for murdering his mistress, the widow Woost. However, the discussions and the circumstances accompanying this specific case contributed to the fact that this never happened again in Leipzig.

In co-operation with Schauspiel Leipzig, a walking tour by Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig (Museum of City History Leipzig) will follow tracks and stages of the historical Woyzeck that can still be found in the city. The walking tour will address the discussions surrounding the case at the time as well as contemporary issues, and will explore how Büchner changed the actual story.

In close proximity to performance dates of Woyzeck, this option is aimed at school classes; at selected dates all other interested visitors are welcome as well. Duration: approx.: 90 minutes; meeting point: Altes Rathaus.
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Dates Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1, 04109 Leipzig
Sun, 29.09. 11:00 — 12:30
Altes Rathaus
Booking via Stadtgeschichtliches Museum


ca. 1:30

Meeting point: Altes Rathaus
Markt 1, 04109 Leipzig


(Limited capacity; advance booking via Stadtgeschichtliches Museum is necessary.)

Tour for all interested visitors
So 28. 4. 11 ºº / So 5. 5. 14 ºº
Ticket price 5,—

Walking tour for school groups
We 15. 5. / We 29. 5. / Tu 11. 6. 13 ºº / 14 ºº
Th 16. 5. / Th 30. 5. / We 12. 6. 10 ºº / 11 ºº
Please enquire for more dates.
Ticket price for school groups 1.– per person
Private groups 60.–

Enquiries & ticket booking
Only directly via Stadtgeschichtliches Museum
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In cooperation with Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig