Musical by Joe Masteroff, John Kander and Fred Ebb
Book by Joe Masteroff, based on the play “I am a Camera” by John van Druten and stories by Christopher Isherwood
“Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome” – every night, the Kit Kat Club’s Emcee extends this cosmopolitan greeting to its audience. Clifford Bradshaw is among the throng of guests who immerse themselves in the nightlife, in the world of cabaret and drag shows, in the multitude of life plans, the promise of an alternative lifestyle – an ecstatic exploration of freedom.

The days, however, are less glamorous: In the city’s bedsits, you have to live at close quarters with strangers, and finding the money for your weekly rent is not easy. It is a dance on the proverbial volcano – a disjointed society hiding behind the glittering façade. Economic hardship hits a collective national soul that enjoys a feeling of grievance.

Clifford meets singer Sally Bowles at the Kit Kat Club – a collision that ends up in an amour fou between practised libertinage and the yearning for a well-ordered life. Their story unfolds in the midst of a social maelstrom that carries precarious existences off into a new era that bodes social advancement for some – and certain doom for others. The glamour is over and those who can save themselves from the inevitable leave the city. And so does Clifford who sets out for the US via Paris.

Clifford Bradshaw is the alter ego of Christopher Isherwood, a British author spent the late 1920s in Berlin. The metropolis stood and still stands for a multitude of ways of living and conducting relationships. Isherwood experienced the upheavals, the shattering of life dreams at first hand. He published his novels “Mr Norris Changes Trains” and “Goodbye to Berlin” in the 1930s, creating contemporary history turned into literature and inspiring one of the most glamorous musicals, an exclamation of joie de vivre: CABARET!

Director Hubert Wild studied singing with Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau as well as violin and piano. He is well versed in classical musical theatre and in more open formats between drama, opera and performance. His co-operation with artists like Susanne Kennedy and Herbert Fritsch have contributed to his own work across genres. The Leipzig audience is familiar Hubert Wild both as a performer and a director – “Lazarus”, his directing debut, has been running at Schauspiel Leipzig for six years.
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Premiere on 29.09.2023
Große Bühne

Dates Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1, 04109 Leipzig
Sun, 01.09. 19:30 — 22:25
Revival, Theatre day, with english surtitles
Große Bühne Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1, 04109 Leipzig
Fri, 27.09. 19:30 — 22:25
with english surtitles
Große Bühne Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1, 04109 Leipzig
Sat, 19.10. 19:30 — 22:25
Audio description
Große Bühne Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1, 04109 Leipzig
Sat, 28.12. 19:30 — 22:25
Große Bühne Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1, 04109 Leipzig
Fri, 28.02. 19:30 — 22:25
Audio description
Große Bühne Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1, 04109 Leipzig
Sat, 22.03. 19:30 — 22:25
Große Bühne

Further dates in planning


ca. 2:55, one break


Dirk Lange as Conférencier
Anna Maria Sturm as Sally Bowles
Thomas Braungardt as Clifford Bradshaw
Wenzel Banneyer as Ernst Ludwig
Julia Berke as Fräulein Schneider
Christoph Müller as Herr Schultz
Sonja Isemer as Fräulein Kost
Bruno Akkan as Bobby
Joshua Dahmen as Victor
Paula Winteler as German customs officer
Bruno Akkan, Louise Sophie Arnold, Joshua Dahmen, Friederike Kury, Lilly Ketelsen, Emmeline Puntsch, Sonya Sytnyk, Maciej Sado (Dance Captain), Paula Winteler as Kit-Kat-Girls- und Boys
Miltiadis Tzimourtos as Club guest
Mama Ulita as Burlesquetänzerin


Musical Direction: Stephan König
Director: Hubert Wild
Stage Design: Susanne Münzner
Costume Design: José Luna
Choreography: Sommer Ulrickson
Choreographic collaboration: Melanie Rainer
Accompaniment: Sarolta Boros-Gyevi
Vocal Coaching: John Lehman
Dramaturgy: Georg Mellert
Light: Veit-Rüdiger Griess
Video technics: Robert Gotthardt
sound design: André Rauch, Udo Schulze, Heribert Weitz
Inspection: Ulrich Hänsch
Soufflage: Ditte Trischan
Directing assistent: Emily Huber
Stage design assistance: Stella Vollmer
Costume assistance: Arabella Marsh-Hilfiker, Rayén Zapata-Gundermann
Makeup: Kerstin Wirrmann, Kathrin Heine, Donka Holecek, Cordula Kreuter, Julia Markow, Ute Markow, Barbara Zepnick
Props: Jörg Schirmer
Stage master: Julius Besen
Video: Heta Multanen
Directing and dramaturgy internship: Bianca Theil
Stage design internship: Zoe Lü Fliege
Audio Description: Beatrix Hermens, Matthias Huber, Ina Klose, Renate Lehmann
Theatre pedagogy: Nele Hoffmann


Piano: Stephan König
Reed I: Georgios Kontomichalis
Reed II: Lukas Diller
Reed III: Johannes Moritz
Trumpet: Konrad Schreiter / Luke Strange
Trombone & tuba: Matthias Büttner / Hans-Martin Schlegel
Drums: Dominique Ehlert / Andreas Schwaiger
Percussion: Pierre Langrand
Guitar & Banjo: Rüdiger Krause / Patrick Schanze
Double bass: Maximilian Müller / Luca Genze