Commissioned by Schauspiel Leipzig

Anouk & Adofa (UA)

Marco Damghani
// Eingeladen zu den Autor:innentheatertagen 2023
Anouk and Adofa are doing it – they are living together as a couple. She is an architect, he is an actor. They are well attuned and familiar with each other’s peculiarities. They aren’t too stressed by society’s standards of what it means to be a couple and support each other when the world outside becomes a challenge with all its contradictions. So, there’s no cause for anger or rebellion, and their drug consumption is also under control.

And yet, under the surface of their amicable life together, almost imperceptible shifts of harmony are announcing themselves. While Anouk decides to finally face her inner demons, Adofa has to come to terms with the sudden death of his mother. From that point on, the two of them noticeably and repeatedly reach the limits of their coupledom; implicit agreements are re-examined and their communication culture is tested. Perhaps for the first time, they realise that rock-paper-scissors may not be a sufficient foundation for making decisions on life’s truly important questions.

Marco Damghani developed the monologue “Die Leiden des jungen Azzlack” together with Eidin Jalali and it has been a great success in Diskothek’s repertory since 2021, both analogue and as a live stream. With “Anouk & Adofa”, Damghani now stages his first commissioned work for Schauspiel Leipzig. He studied directing at Berlin’s Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch and at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney. Damghani is an author, director and moderator and deals with issues of politics, topics of (post-)migrant society and the connection between the personal and the systemic. He directs both his own texts and plays by other authors. Beyond his theatre work, he also directs music videos. He was a fellow at the 2020 Heidelberger Stückemarkt.

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Premiere on 26.11.2022


Further dates in planning


ca. 2:00



Playwriter and director: Marco Damghani
Stage Design: Hugo Gretler
Costume Design: Ragna Hemmersbach
Music: Lennard Eggers
Dramaturgy: Georg Mellert
Sebastian Elster, Gabriel Arnold
Sound: Heribert Weitz
Theatre pedagogy: Amelie Gohla

Extended Team

Stage Manager: Jens Glanze
Prompter: Philine von Engelhardt
Assistant to the Director: Emily Huber
Assistant Stage Design & Costume Design: Arabella Marsh-Hilfiker
Make-Up: Anja Engert
Props: Thomas Weinhold
Stage Master: Mattheo Fehse
Intern Stage Design: Hannah Lowe
Intern Costume Design: Ida Luttkus