„Pay attention!“

Brigade Futur III (Berlin) mit Spielvereinigung Sued (Leipzig)

The committed political big band Brigade Futur III, together with the Spielvereinigung Sued, trumpets new songs on the old Spinnereigelände. Anyone who has experienced a concert by them knows how sweaty and charged with crazy word twists you run home humming. No concert is like the other, the lyrics too edgy, the jazz solos too crazy, the moment too charged, the show too catchy and powerful. A concert as a ritual for body and soul.

After playing their way into the hearts of the audience in clubs and at festivals, the 19-member formation is back on stage live for the first time after surviving a pandemic break.

The large formation around saxophonist and composer Benjamin Weidekamp, producer Michael Haves, Seeed trombonist Jérôme Bugnon and Swiss singer Elia Rediger, together with the Leipziger Spielvereinigung Sued, is a power brigade that knows how to translate its social messages into gripping music. For all fans of wild live concerts: Here Brecht and Weill shave Iros, Kurt Schwitters dances pas de deux with Max Raabe, A Tribe Called Quest becomes a marching band, Rage Against The Machine battles Duke Ellington, Luigi Nono headbangs to Sonic Youth, Charles Mingus barricades himself with K.I.Z., John Coltrane celebrates the resurrection of J. Dilla.

The open-air concert on the Spinnerei grounds is the beginning of a wonderful friendship with the cooperation partners from Kulturpark e. V., who present the concert the following day at the "OSTEN" festival in front of the magnificent Kulturpalast on the industrial park in Bitterfeld.
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Concert 01.07.2022
Spinnereigelände (Wiese vor dem Luru Kino), open air


Brigade Futur III

Benjamin Weidekamp (u. a. Olaf Ton, Bubble Filter), Elia Rediger (The bianca Story), Michael Haves (Olaf Ton/Super 700), Jérôme Bugnon (Seeed/Peter Fox), mit der Spielvereinigung Sued (Leipzig)

With the kind support of the Festival „OSTEN“