Container Paris

Studio production 2019
By David Gieselmann
//Invited to the 2019 National Competition of German-language acting students in Berlin

Only a few weeks ago, Hans-Peter Grothe was the pedantically conscientious employer of a logistics company. Now he is suddenly the CEO of a corporation worth billions. A special assignment caused this change in his circumstances: His boss asked Grothe to find a mysterious container. This search took him not only to Paris, but almost everywhere. Because the question of where the container might be found remains just as unanswered as what is in it or why it needs to be found. His path repeatedly crosses that of the sleepless and loopy top model Lynn Preston, but this is only the beginning of the strange things that happen around his search. The interest in the container seems to spread until it finally becomes public. Competing companies, the Catholic Church, Switzerland and the media get involved. Grothe reacts: He sets up his own business and goes public. While the search turns into a marketing binge, the container itself becomes a modern Golden Calf. And yet it remains nothing more than a blank space that everything revolves around in ever larger orbits as long as its contents are not revealed.

David Gieselmann equips his characters with a talent for absurdity and humorous language before sending them on this wild chase through the insane spirals of attention that rule in our globalised economic world, which operates according to impenetrable mechanisms of irrational profit calculations and medial super-hypes.
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Premiere on March 16, 2019

Dates Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1, 04109 Leipzig
Sun, 08.03. 20:00 — 21:45


ca. 1:45, no break


Julian Kluge as Hans-Peter Grothe
Nicole Widera as Linda Grothe
Paul Trempnau as Wolf Schaub
Nina Wolf as Lynn Preston
Tobias Amoriello as Heinz Rohde / A Father / A Pharmacist
Friedrich Steinlein as Gustav von Streseburg
Philipp Staschull as Petra Tegert
Ron Helbig as Hans-Werner von Rottkamp / Hans Zermatt / A radio announcer / Dietmar Poppeling


Playwright: David Gieselmann
Dramaturgy: Matthias Döpke
Light: Thomas Kalz