Das kalte Herz (Heart of Stone)

by Wilhelm Hauff
Peter is a collier in the Black Forest, like his father and grandfather before him. He is plagued by the thought that everyone around him is “so inhumanly wealthy”, while he has to stay what he is. His ideas on how to change this state of affairs take an unexpected turn: He learns that as a Sunday’s Child, he is allowed to visit the glass-imp who lives deep inside the Black Forest. The glass-imp will grant him three wishes. It’s so simple!

But Peter’s wish, which is to always have just as much money as the successful Ezechiel, turns out to be a bad speculation: Peter relieves Ezechiel of his money in a dice game – until none of them has a penny left to their name. And Peter’s pockets are empty.

Peter wants to take his anger out on the glass-imp. But where the glass imp is, Dutch-Mike is not far away, and he will ruthlessly grant wishes to everyone who is driven by greed. Give me your living heart and I will give you unlimited credit – that is Dutch-Mike’s business model. Peter agrees and from then on, there is a stone where he once had a heart.

His social ascent begins. Until he realises that hardly anyone around him still has a heart. And yet: Peter still has one wish left to ask from the glass-imp.

The Black Forest in Wilhelm Hauff’s “Das kalte Herz (Heart of Stone)” is a fabulous magic forest. A place where wood is transformed into coal and glass – and into money and success. A factory for the dream of rapid ascent. Where you can trade anything your heart desires – luck, greed and entire life stories. A very grown-up fairy-tale about the beautiful veneer and a heart of stone.

Hauff’s “Das kalte Herz (Heart of Stone)” was published in 1827 and unfolds its story in a fascinating, darkly gleaming language. Artistic Director Enrico Lübbe will create large-scale images in his staging at Schauspiel Leipzig – together with set designer Etienne Pluss, costume designer Bianca Deigner and jazz musician Philip Frischkorn from Leipzig, who will accompany the performances live on the piano.
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Premiere on 17.04.2022
Große Bühne

For audiences age 10+


ca. 1:50, no break


Denis Grafe as Peter Munk
Tilo Krügel as Glasmännlein
Wenzel Banneyer as Holländer-Michel
Christoph Müller as Ezechiel / Wanderer
Michael Pempelforth as Schlurcker / Wanderer / Kutscher / Peter Munks Sohn
Denis Petković as Peter Munks Vater / Tanz-Boden-König / Wanderer


Director: Enrico Lübbe
Stage design: Etienne Pluss
Costume design: Bianca Deigner
Music: Philip Frischkorn
Tim Pathe
Dramaturgy: Torsten Buß
Light: Jörn Langkabel
Audio Description: Beatrix Hermens, Matthias Huber, Ina Klose, Renate Lehmann
Theatre pedagogy: Nele Hoffmann